Welcome to Tecumseh’s blog, Wisdom of Silence. I am off with Elsa on July 13 for a solo 40-day, 500 mile sojourn of the heart on the Colorado Trail, from Denver to Durango. We invite you to join us by following my blog where you can read daily posts of our progress, see pictures of where I’ve been, share in the inspiration of my heart and learn a bit more about the Colorado Trail. The tabs on this blog will tell you a bit more about what I’m up to.

I’m dedicating this sojourn to the many folks on a sacred journey to know and express their hearts in the world, and I ask you to be part of this by donating to Living as Love, the nonprofit that is run by my mentor, Jeannie Zandi.  By pledging a small amount for every mile I walk, you will be supporting others on the sojourn of their hearts by contributing toward the publication of Jeannie’s first book, a resource of her teaching.  She has been a pillar of support on my path toward my own heart’s expression.  See the Donate page to help.

Thank you for your generosity–it means so much to me and to the many others who will be touched and supported by Jeannie’s insights.

See you on the Trail!

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